My Human Design Journey

I’m brand new to HD, so I decided to write some of my thoughts.

My not-self theme is Frustration, and my motivation is my need, and this makes sense when I read on the website what that means ( I didn’t have a reading, I just read the information on the website). It makes sense, but at the same time, it is difficult to wrap my head around it. I feel frustrated, all the time at the moment. For the smallest inconvenience in the world, and my motivational food being my need. I don’t understand how that works. Or maybe it is because I don’t make the difference between my NEEDS and my DESIRES.

My HD demonstrates how much of a leader and healer I am. Funny that I am a Mindset and spiritual Coach. It’s freaking written in the sky that I would do something like that.

Some of my gates are about intimacy, and I do struggle with that, a lot –this is the result of the trauma I experienced in my past– in my point of view, intimacy isn’t only with others, but with yourself. Heavy on the ” with yourself”, because without being intimate with yourself, it’s impossible to be intimate with others. But intimacy is way more than getting naked and exchanging body fluids. Intimacy is sharing your soul with someone else. And that is freaking scary surtout in the world we are right now where so many will use our vulnerabilities against us. Let’s not forget that our vulnerabilities mean we are human and if someone uses them against us – that shows more about their character than about you.

I don’t have time to write more about this for now, so I’ll add more later.
Thanks for reading me, I love you. Have an amazing day!

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